Yeva, Nature's Herald 

When I was about 7 years old, one of my Dad's patients at the hospital gave him a big garbage full of things he no longer wanted. There were some X-Men comics, some graphic novels, and a huge binder full of Magic cards. I didn't play back then, but I remember going through that binder every day, looking at each card, my imagination rife with stories about each of them. For some reason, above all I was drawn to the green cards in the binder. Mysterious elves, tree folk, and giant beasts, dwelling in a large…Read more

Shattergang Brothers! 

It's been a couple months since the website's inaugural match of my Shattergang Brothers deck versus Justin's Krenko deck. My original list never made it to publication, but since then, and based on some of my observations about how the deck played out, I've made some adjustments. I am not entirely sold on some of the cards, but in general, the main changes to the list involved cleaning up the mana base (trying to limit lands that come into play tapped), lowering the mana curve, and adding a couple cards…Read more

Building Krenko, Mob Boss  

I've always been a huge fan of goblins, and one of my favourite 60 card decks ever was a goblin tribal deck. When I got into Commander, the idea of using Krenko as a commander instantly appealed to me. The cost of building the deck also appealed to me - I already had a lot of goblins, and since Krenko is mono-red, I wouldn't have to splurge on any expensive land. After doing some searching online, I found this great basis for a deck from Mike Cannon on Gathering Magic: more